Congrats 2015-2016 Nominees for Board and NLD!

Congrats to the 2015-2016 Slate of Nominees for the Board of Directors and the NLD Committee!

President: Jennifer Buchsbaum
President Elect: Lee-Meredith Howard
Philanthropy VP: Natalie Radtke
Membership VP: Camille Soriano
Finance VP: Heather Walsh
Secretary/Pres. Assistant: Stephanie Cusack
Marketing & Sponsorships VP: Kristina Durkin
Fundraising VP: Rachel Bosma
Planning & Placement VP: Dana Lupton
Director of Spring Events: Tiffany Quick
Director of Publicity: JoAnn Totzke
Director of Operations: Laurie Wisniewski
Director of Fall Events: Alexandra Duda
Director of Community Service: Jeanne Bray
Director of Grants & Giving: Allison Addante
Director of Data Management: Teri Eve
Director of Special Projects: Kristen Yoffe

Sandpipers 2015-2016 Slate of Nominees for the NLD Committee
NLD Committee Chair: Laura Lull
NLD Committee: Nikki Binford Marshall, Heather Interian, Heather Koopman, Kianna Modir, Stephanie Uchima-Carney

2015-2016 Board and NLD Nominees

(Back Row: Camille Soriano, Dana Lupton, Stephanie Cusack, Natalie Radtke, Lee-Meredith Howard, Laura Lull, Rachel Bosma, Nikki Marshall, Heather Walsh Front Row: Kristina Durkin, Tiffany Quick, Allison Addante, Laurie Wisniewski, Jennifer Buchsbaum, Alexandra Duda, Jo-Ann Totzke, Heather Koopman, Kianna Modir. Not Pictured: Jeanne Bray, Teri Eve, Heather Interian, Stephanie Uchima-Carney, Kristen Yoffe)


Sandpipers at Closets & Cocktails

Please come out to support and raise money for Sandpipers at Closets & Cocktails hosted by The Container Store to debut their new line, TCS Closets™. The event is at the LA Farmer’s Market location on Wednesday, May 13th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Sandpipers will benefit from 15% of store sales that occur during this time.

To attend, RSVP by May 5th (RSVP here). Please forward to your friends and family and share on your Facebook page.

Once at the store, please check in with Camille Soriano, VP Marketing & Sponsorships. Attendees who are Sandpipers may enter for a chance to win a special Sandpipers Only raffle prize, a Store More gift card valued at $500.  This is in addition to the other fabulous fun prizes The Container Store is offering.  See you there!


Thank You to our 2013-2014 Supporters!

2013-2014 End of Year Thank You

Please view the link above for a list of generous supporters for 2013-2014 as published in the June 12, 2014 issue of The Beach Reporter

Thank You All!

On behalf of Sandpipers, I want to thank you for your help in making our 82nd year such a tremendous success. Your donations to our philanthropic programs and fundraising events, combined with the efforts of our dedicated volunteer members, enabled us to change the lives of those less fortunate living in the South Bay. Together, we clothed less fortunate youth heading back to school, supplied gifts for foster children, brought holiday cheer to underprivileged families, awarded college scholarships for well deserving local students, awarded grants to area nonprofits and so much more. In total, Sandpipers contributed approximately $600,000 and touched more than 28,000 lives. It is truly amazing to see what a community can do when it comes together to support those less fortunate.

With Gratitude,
Allyn Dyer Leoff
Sandpipers 82nd President